Saturday, February 12, 2011

Calling all marathon training programs...

In approximately two weeks I will begin training for yet another marathon.  After running six of these bad boys, one would think I'd have the training aspect of marathoning down pat.  Not true.

I've dabbled in several "programs," throughout the years, from Intermediate/Advanced training on Runner's World websites to books, such as Run Less, Run Faster.  However, despite the fact that I am physically capable of completing 99.9% of the workouts listed in said programs, I find that reality called "life" eventually kicks in and I actually end up completing about 50% of my training plan. 

Add in the fact that I still need to add cross-training to the mix (yoga/spinning/drinking) and really, I feel as if I'm training for an Ironman.  Therefore, this time around, I'm creating my own training program.  Well, kind of.  My training buddy is also contributing, since we'll be doing the bulk of our running together. 

Essentially, I feel it's important to have three to four days of running a week.  Not all of the runs are "easy" and not all are "hard."  Balance, although something I'm not that great at, is the key with marathon training.  With that being said, I give you a "rough draft" of what I envision a typical week of training will look like:

Monday: Gym (weight training, easy 3-5 mile run on treadmill)
Tuesday: Track workout
Wednesday: Yoga (at a real studio, not in my apartment where I am super distracted and frustrated because yoga makes me hate life)
Thursday:  Tempo run/running club (Thurs. is beer runners night, but I generally run to get to our club's meeting spot, so can use that part as my tempo run. It's also a great night to get in some miles, depending on the bar we're running to.)
Friday:   REST
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: REST

Knowing my body, I think two rest days a week are key.  I would like to somehow fit in a spinning class, but I'm not sure where that would go.  I like having rest days before and after my long run, but will sometimes do a "shake-out" run the day after I go long.  Of course, training plans are flexible, but I do want to establish some sort of routine. 

What training plans have you found to be successful

Seriously, I'm game for any suggestions.  And any plan that will guarantee an entry to Boston 2012!


  1. I am gonna start my 2nd half marathon training (I am not fit, and running doesn't come naturally to me).

    Here's the plan:
    Monday: Rest
    Tuesday: Intervals in gym
    Wednesday: Resistance/weights/balance
    Thursday: Intervals in gym
    Friday: Rest
    Saturday: Resistance/weights/balance
    Sunday: Long run

    But due to the nature of my job, it has been hard the last round I tried this...

    PS: Been reading your blog for a while, love it! =)

  2. You'll be great no matter what! You are my fitness inspiration :)

  3. no YOU are my fitness inspiration. :)

    Are you running with at least one group? I found that when I was training by myself it was much harder - and still is - to motivate myself than when running with others. I had my track group, my trail group, and my sunday morning long group. Maybe you'll meet a hottie in one of these too! Make sure you tell me which group and when you are planning on joining ^_^

  4. Good luck with your training, it looks like a solid plan. I'm training for my second marathon and I'm following the Less is More plan from a recent RW mag. So far so good...