Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shoe Review: Nike Lunar Elite

When it comes to food, I've done away with my childhood pickiness and embraced my adventurous side.  However, when it comes to running shoes, I'm the finicky kid who wants chicken nuggets and fries every night of the week. 

Finding a running shoe that works has always been a struggle for me.  Being in corrective shoes when I was younger probably didn't help matters much.  After thousands of dollars spent on running shoes and orthotics, I finally found my "sole" mate: The Nike Zoom Elite.  Not only did this shoe hug my foot in all the right places, but it molded well with my orthotic and provided the exact amount of support my effed-up legs needed. 

But of course, some relationships can't last forever.  So last winter, when Nike decided to give the Zoom Elite a total body makeover, I was devastated.  Although we had many great memories together, our future was looking grim.  I tried to hang on as long as I could, hoarding old models of the Zoom Elite from shady shoe websites.  But my efforts were in vain and soon, I was back on the market again, trying to find another match. 

Although I was skeptical, I decided to give the new version of my old shoe, the Nike Lunar Elites, a try.  While the structure has, in my opinion, been destroyed (flat sole, more room in the toe box), the sales people at my local running specialty store said it still felt like an Elite, just lighter.  Yeah, right.  So, I bought a pair.  And today, I ran in them. 

Nike Lunar Elites.  I wanted to love them...
No bueno.  While I love the color and overall aesthetics, the Lunars are firm.  I've always preferred a soft shoe, so this was a definite disappointment.  My legs were uncharacteristically hurting after mile three.  I'm not sure why this is, as the support of the Lunar does seem to mimic that of the former version.  However, the softness issue is a huge dealbreaker for me, so it's safe to say that these hot little numbers will only be brought out for really short runs, and perhaps some speed workouts. 

So, the search for my perfect shoe continues.  Marathon training begins the first week in March, so I have some time to find "the one."  I also have a very old pair of Elites that I'm wearing until the soles fall off, and a pair of Brooks Ravennas that are just "okay."  Feel free to recommend your favorites!


  1. bummer! How frustrating it is to find good shoes, just to have them updated crapily. I wear custom orthotics and find they fit very well into Brooks Adrenalines - a good amount of cushion with some stability. Good luck finding something that works! :)

  2. I would definitely recommend whatever-the-hell-I-just-bought if you like a soft shoe (I think you saw them in my bathroom but I can google them if you need to know the name). I've been really happy with it except for the fact that to me it feels a little too soft! ;)My right knee hasn't bothered me at all, though, and they are SUPER light. xo