Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow and ass-toning

This morning, while most people in Philly were snuggled under the warm confines of their covers, I braved the elements and headed out for a run.  I'd been wanting to meet up with Philly Runners for awhile, but would usually find some excuse not to go. 

That was the old me.  The 2011 version is more diligent about her running as opposed to her Friday night happy houring. 

My stoop.  Getting out the door is the first step!

Despite all the snow on the ground and falling from the sky, there were quite a few crazies in attendance.  I met up with two friends and we shuffled our way along the 8.5 mile loop.  Even the icicles forming on our eyelashes couldn't deter our motivation.  We spent the first half periodically talking and taking water breaks under bridges, not only to rehydrate with our icy-laced bottled water, but more so, to wipe our wet/windburned faces. 

The second half of the loop was difficult.  We remained mainly silent, except to occasionally state how much our asses/thighs hurt.  Running in snow is no joke!  However, I couldn't help but think how awesome my keister would look in jeans after all of this snow-toning. 

We completed the loop in 1 hour and 16 minutes, which included water breaks and the time we slowed down because a snow plow blasted us with black/brown snow.  All in all, an 8:56 pace is definitely acceptable on a day like today. When living in a place like Philly, with oftentimes unbearable winter and summer weather conditions, one comes to embrace the fact that not all runs will be quality.  However, with a few dedicated running buddies, they can most certainly be enjoyable!


  1. Dude- that is amazing! I jogged/walked 4 miles yesterday and it took me an hour.

  2. Good job! I like the 2011 attitude, I'm going through the same thing right now and I actually managed to get up early before work 3 days last week to run! Hope the rest of your weekend went well!